You don't need to wait months for payment from HMRC

If you’re producing films, TV, developing video games, animation, shows or exhibitions, Adsum's software, combined with our expert team, will ensure you get instant access to the credit you're owed. Once your claim is submitted, enjoy instant access to your funds through a pre-approved credit limit matching your claim value.

Immediate access to your Creative Industry Tax Credits with Adsum

The UK offers generous tax credits for the creative industries, but the wait to utilise these funds often stretches for many months.

With Adsum, companies get instant access, turning long waits into immediate financial certainty and freeing them to reinvest in their current projects and start their next ones sooner.

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Our technology is your advantage

Our software integrates seamlessly with your accounting and banking software (read-only access) to process your claim efficiently.

Signing up takes just a few minutes, and once setup is complete, you’ll enjoy immediate access to your funds upon claim submission.

Film Tax Credits explained Video Game Tax Credits explained

Who can get Creative Industry Tax Credits?

Your business must be liable for UK corporation tax and directly involved in creating at least one of the eight qualifying activities outlined below:

  • Films
  • Animations
  • High-end Television
  • Children’s Television
  • Video games
  • Theatrical shows
  • Orchestral shows
  • Museum and gallery exhibitions

Sometimes, you’ll also need to pass a cultural test. We’ll verify what you’re eligible for and provide the credit upfront.


How quickly can I get my Creative Industry Tax Credit from Adsum?

Receive your Creative Industry Tax Credit funds the same day your claim is submitted to HMRC. A pre-approved credit limit matching your claim value then becomes instantly accessible for drawdown.

What's the sign up process?

Simply, talk to us. We'll determine your eligibility and guide you through the quick steps to connect with our platform. This involves a secure, read-only link to your accounting and banking software, along with an ID check. Once set up, you'll get a pre-approved credit limit based on your claim value, available for drawdown as soon as your claim is submitted to HMRC.

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Don't wait for HMRC

How Adsum helped fund a short film series

“The process with Adsum was really quick and straight forward. We enquired on the Tuesday and the funds were in our account by the end of Thursday meaning we could pay our costs and continue with our next series of films. Who knows how long it would have taken if we waited for HMRC.”

Access your Creative Tax Credits now

Adsum offers a pre-approved credit limit to the value of your claim. And, if you're eligible for VAT refunds, you'll get those instantly too.

InstantVAT Premium

Receive your refund on submission of your VAT return.

£999 a month starting from.

Receive your VAT refund instantly on VAT return submission, based on our eligibility criteria

Receive your VAT refund pre-completion of large asset and property purchases

Creative Industries Tax Credit, calculation and submission

Ex-HMRC officers available to support you or your accountant with any HMRC related queries

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InstantVAT Faster Refunds

Get your refunds instantly once HMRC verifies your VAT return - up to 75% faster.

2% of the VAT refund amount.

Easy signup. Less than 5 minutes to set up

Refund sent straight to your business bank account (minus our fee)

Simple to activate or deactivate at any time

No changes to your business or accounting processes required

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