About Us

We’ve created world-class, proprietary software that helps UK businesses get cashflow certainty.


Our software accurately calculates and maximises your tax credits and VAT refunds, usually picking up a number of costs that traditional calculation processes miss. Then our team of tax experts works alongside your accountant and finance team to prepare and submit your tax credit paperwork. We deal with HMRC on your behalf, turning a time-consuming and often frustrating process into one that’s fast and easy for you.


And we put our money where our mouth is. When we’ve calculated your tax credit or VAT refund, we offer a cost-efficient advance of the funds you’re owed, so you don’t need to wait for HMRC to pay.


It’s free and safe for you to connect your accounting and banking software to our system to check how much you’re owed by HMRC. Get started now!
Adsum is based in London with a 20-strong team that draws together a formidable range of expertise from finance, accounting, and technology.


Our team understands that the traditional process for claiming corporate VAT refunds and tax credits is slow, time consuming and frustrating. Our technology solves that problem, calculating what you’re owed. We then submit your VAT and corporation tax returns and advance you the funds you’re owed by HMRC immediately — freeing up the capital for other purposes.


By connecting safely with your accounting and banking software via Open Banking (read-only access) our tech offers you visibility of the tax credits and VAT refunds you’re due in real time, giving you access to timely and reliable balance sheet information. By replacing old-school manual processes with a fast, accurate, tech-based solution, working alongside a team of tax experts — including former HMRC officers — we’ve quickly become one of Europe’s fastest growing FinTechs. We’ve worked with over 200 companies, submitted more than 300 tax claims to HMRC with a 100% success rate, and recovered more than £150 million. And counting!

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