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In a crowded market with 90,000 competing firms, standing out is essential. Adsum positions your firm as a strategic advisor capable of not only identifying problems, but solving business challenges. We shield your clients from HMRC delays, giving them immediate access to the funds they're owed. By incorporating our services, you enhance client relationships and distinguish your firm as unique, invaluable, and forward-thinking.

Transform cashflow with Instant VAT Refunds

Shift from being transactional to becoming transformational

ImageImmediate Liquidity
Within 60 minutes of a VAT return submission, the refund will be in your client’s bank account, allowing them to reinvest in their business instantly.

No Operational Change
The service is process-agnostic. Whether you submit VAT returns through accounting software or MTD bridging software, the Instant VAT Refunds process remains the same.

Competitive Advantage
This quick liquidity enables your clients to start new projects, buy stock, or settle bills sooner than their competitors, making you an invaluable business partner.

Insurance against HMRC delays and compliance checks

ImageQuick Payouts
In the age of increasing HMRC delays and rigorous compliance checks, your client still gets their refund immediately, reinforcing your firm’s reputation for efficiency and reliability.

Random Checks Covered
Instant VAT Refunds cover any random checks by HMRC, mitigating the risk for both you and your client.

Peaceful Interaction
You can deal with HMRC at your own pace, without the added stress of anxious clients asking about the status of their VAT refunds.

Easy integration into your current processes

ImageSoftware Compatibility
The service is compatible with all possible accounting softwares used by your firm, be it Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, or Excel.

Automated Process
Upon VAT return submission, we’re automatically alerted to initiate the refund, requiring no extra steps from you.

One-Time Setup
Your clients sign up just once. After that, each refund will be processed, so there’s no need for ongoing administrative work.

Amplify client relationships

ImageReduced Queries
Your clients won’t need to call and ask about the status of their VAT refund, freeing you from the back-and-forth and enhancing client satisfaction.

Increased Trust
Quick and assured VAT refunds increase trust and satisfaction, which helps in client retention.

Focus on Strategic Advice
With fewer queries about VAT refunds, you can focus on providing valuable business insights and strategic advice to your clients, thereby strengthening your relationship.

Seamless integration with your existing systems

No need to change your current accounting processes

Our services integrate effortlessly with all major UK tax and accounting software, making it a process-agnostic solution for handling VAT returns, whether you’re using accounting software or MTD bridging software. With a one-time sign-up, your clients can enjoy the automatic processing of each refund, eliminating the need for ongoing administrative work from you or your client.

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By providing immediate access to funds, you'll enhance your standing across diverse industries, showing that you're more than just a service provider—you're a trusted business partner.

Construction and development

Help your client get it done faster
Free up your client’s resources so they can start their next build faster. But with Adsum, you can source resources earlier to help kickstart their next project.

Cash flow management
Adsum helps provide financial certainty, ensuring they have the funds necessary to pay contractors and suppliers (including yourself) on time, every time.

Risk mitigation
Adsum acts as a buffer against unforeseen expenses or project overruns, helping your client mitigate financial risk.

Technology and net zero

Subscriptions fluctuate, but bills don’t
Your client’s revenue may fluctuate, but their rent and utility bills do not. Don’t let a lag in revenue hold up their business. Give them peace of mind knowing they have instant access to their money.

Research and development
Allow your clients to immediately reinvest in R&D efforts, accelerating the pace of innovation and technological advancement.

Investment in sustainable practices
If they’re focused on net zero, use Adsum to invest in sustainable practices and technologies.

E-commerce and retail

Sales may fluctuate, but their expenses don’t
Your client’s sales may drop at certain points, but they still need to keep the lights on and their e-store fully stocked. Adsum ensures peace of mind, knowing they have instant access to their money.

Inventory management
Help provide your client with the necessary funds to restock inventory faster, helping avoid stockouts and lost sales.

Marketing and advertising
Adsum helps drive investment in marketing and advertising efforts sooner, to drive more traffic and sales in quiet periods.

Manufacturing & production

Supply chain management
With Adsum, you can help manage your clients’ supply chains more effectively, ensuring they have the funds to pay for materials and other supplies before they get paid.

Equipment maintenance and upgrades
Ensure equipment maintenance and upgrades, helping to avoid downtime or speed up operations.

Workforce management
With Adsum you can help your client cover payroll expenses, ensuring a stable and motivated workforce.

How it works

Our service is easy to set up once your client is onboarded requires little to no administration from either you or them. We work with all accounting platforms and MTD softwares so none of your processes need to change

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