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Property development finance & purchase VAT solutions for UK property developers

UK real estate development is costly

The costs associated with residential or commercial development projects stack up fast, and many potential developers lack the funds to even get started. Fortunately, there’s a way to solve this problem – our VAT solutions for UK property development finance provide you with the cash in advance of purchase completion to cover the VAT element of the purchase. Additionally, receive your VAT refunds within 60 minutes of HMRC verifying your VAT returns, allowing you to pay your contractors in advance every month.

Certainty & Convenience

Don't let the lack of cash spoil your ambitions for property development. With Adsum, there is no monthly interest - just a clear defined cost which means that your forecast and cash projections have certainty.

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“Securing VAT facilities from conventional debt lenders within the tight timeframes has been increasingly challenging. Working with the Adsum team, however, was a pleasure as they operated at an accelerated pace, delivered exceptional service and ensured we met our completion deadline.”
How we helped fund VAT on a commercial property purchase

Benefits of Adsum

Property development finance & purchase VAT with Adsum

Unlock the full potential of your property investments with our expert-backed VAT solutions—designed to equip you financially and make you compliance-proof.

Best price guarantee

Adsum leads the market in VAT refund services, backed by our commitment to offer you the best value. If you receive a better offer we will beat it.

30+ years VAT expertise

With three decades of VAT expertise, Adsum doesn't just prepare you financially—we make you compliance-proof. Get ahead of the game with a full VAT review before your next property purchase, ensuring no detail is missed, no surprise awaits.

Insurance against HMRC delays

Protect your business's cash flow with Adsum. There's no need to wait or worry - access your VAT refunds 75% faster. Our service is your safeguard against any unforeseen HMRC delays.


No monthly interest - We offer a straightforward fee structure with no hidden costs which means that your forecasts and cash projections have certainty.

Need to pay VAT on your property purchase?

Funding the VAT element of a commercial property purchase

Before getting to the development of your property, when a commercial property has been opted to tax with HMRC, an additional 20% must be paid as VAT upon completion. Then the VAT can be claimed back as a VAT refund. Typical property development finance solutions don’t cover this 20% VAT.

Fortunately, Adsum can!

Commercial Property VAT

How it works

Navigate the complexities of property development finance effortlessly with Adsum. Our expert-backed VAT solutions are meticulously designed to bolster your financial capabilities and ensure seamless compliance throughout your property investment journey.
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1. Get in touch

Our dedicated team will swiftly respond to discuss your specific property development needs and how our VAT solutions can align with your financial goals.


2. Pre-completion VAT advance

Before your property purchase completes, Adsum provides the necessary VAT funds, freeing your capital for other essential aspects of your project. This unique service ensures you’re not constrained by the substantial VAT costs, typically not covered by senior lenders.


3. Monthly InstantVAT® Refunds

Post-completion, benefit from our ongoing VAT refund service. Submit your monthly VAT return, and Adsum will ensure you receive your refund 75% faster. This reliable monthly service guarantees a steady cash flow, enabling you to plan and progress without unnecessary delays.


How does Adsum compare to typical property development finance?

Adsum revolutionises the way property developers manage their finances by offering a specialised VAT refund service that complements traditional property development finance. Unlike conventional loans and credit facilities that can come with variable interest rates, extensive paperwork, and unpredictable processing times, Adsum provides a swift and secure way to access your VAT refunds. With Adsum, there's no waiting for HMRC's lengthy processing times. Our unique service ensures that you receive your VAT refunds 75% faster, which significantly improves your cash flow and financial planning. This is particularly advantageous for property developers who need quick access to funds to keep projects moving. Moreover, our transparent fee structure with no hidden costs means you can accurately forecast your expenses without the worry of fluctuating interest rates affecting your budget. Adsum's enterprise plan also offers the added benefit of a best price guarantee, ensuring you receive the most cost-effective service on the market. In essence, Adsum provides a more predictable, user-friendly, and efficient alternative to traditional property development finance, empowering developers with immediate access to their funds and expert VAT guidance tailored to the real estate industry.

What are the advantages of using Adsum's VAT solutions for property development finance?

Adsum's VAT solutions provide a seamless, fast, and predictable financial flow for property developers. By securing VAT refunds 75% faster, we enhance your liquidity, allowing for immediate reinvestment and financial agility. Our unique approach offers a strategic advantage in the competitive field of property finance.

Can Adsum's services integrate with existing property finance strategies?

Yes, our VAT refund services are designed to complement and integrate with your current property finance strategies. By ensuring rapid access to your VAT refunds, we bolster your working capital, aiding in the timely execution of development plans and financial commitments.

How quickly can property developers access their VAT refunds with Adsum?

Property developers can access their VAT refunds within 60 minutes of HMRC verifying their VAT returns with Adsum. This expedited process is a game-changer, providing developers with the speed of cash flow necessary to advance in today’s fast-paced real estate market.

Are there any long-term commitments required to use Adsum's VAT refund services for property financing?

Adsum offers flexible plans tailored to your needs, including short-term options without long-term commitments. Our enterprise plan, however, provides the best value over a 24-month period, ideal for developers seeking consistent financial solutions.

What makes Adsum different from other property development finance lenders?

Unlike traditional lenders, Adsum is a technology company, specialising in VAT refunds, offering a niche financial service with unrivalled speed and reliability. Our expertise in VAT legislation and property finance uniquely positions us to deliver specialised support that traditional lenders cannot match.

How does Adsum ensure compliance with HMRC for property development VAT claims?

Adsum ensures compliance with HMRC regulations by conducting thorough reviews of VAT obligations and leveraging our 30+ years of expertise in VAT law. We stay abreast of all legislative changes to provide our clients with up-to-date advice and compliant financial processes.