What is InstantVAT?

InstantVAT allows your clients to receive their VAT refunds easier and faster than ever. Simply connect your client’s HMRC account and our system keeps you up to date with the status of every VAT return and releases their VAT refunds to their business bank account immediately on verification by HMRC, speeding up refunds by up to 75%. Say goodbye to waiting for tax refunds with this low-cost solution.

Reasons why Accountants and Bookkeepers use InstantVAT

For Your Practice

Improve your service offering

InstantVAT streamlines your VAT processes and speeds your client’s refunds by up to 75%.

Save hours each quarter

By having all client VAT updates in Adsum’s dashboard, there is no need to continuously log into individual government gateways to check the status of payments for each client.

Greater visibility

You can see if an HMRC verification is late and requires action through Adsum’s dashboard, allowing you to act on it.

Easy to set up

It takes <4 minutes to set up for each client. No additional admin is required for future VAT returns too.

No interference with current processes

InstantVAT is software agnostic, meaning it will not disrupt your existing accounting arrangements.

For Your Clients

Easier and faster VAT refunds

Reduce wait time by up to 75% with less admin.

No interference with current processes

Business operations, accounting processes and submission methods stay the same.


Toggle InstantVAT on/off based on their business needs.

Low cost

Simple flat transaction fee decided by you is deducted from the VAT refund amount.


You choose! And what's more - we'll pay you to use it …

By partnering with Adsum, you specify how much you want to charge each client for the service (from 1 – 2%) and you’ll receive 50% of whatever is collected each month.


What are the next steps involved?

  • Step 1: Register interest via our partner form
  • Step 2: Our partnerships team will get in touch
  • Step 3: Launch the partnership
  • Step 4: Grow together!

Get in touch to find out more about our partnerships, and get started today.