Adsum integrates with Xero for real-time refunds at the click of a mouse

25 May 2023

Adsum is in the Xero app store

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software platform for small businesses. Xero’s effortless UI-UX has attracted over 3 million subscribers worldwide. Who said number crunching couldn’t be beautiful?

Xero’s marketplace of authenticated partners now includes Adsum. The integration will give Xero users real-time visibility and control over their tax credits, offering up-to-date tax credit summaries and immediate funding advances, all embedded within the Xero ecosystem.

Users have access to advances of their tax credits on their terms and when they need the funding, boosting their cashflow and unlocking their potential.

How it works

We’ve made sure that syncing with Xero is a breeze – you just need to log into your account on the Adsum platform and hit ‘Sync’.

With your permission, we use a secure, verified connection to your Xero account to accurately calculate and advance your tax credits. It allows us to assess your eligible spending so you know your tax credits entitlement.

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Real-time tax credits for better budgeting

Let’s take closer look at Adsum’s real-time tax credit features in action:

  • Secure syncing
    This sets up a verified connection to your Xero account for accurate calculation and advance of all your tax credits.
  • Real-time summaries
    We figure out your eligible spending based on your accounts and offer up-to-date summaries of your VAT credits & refunds, corporation tax refunds, R&D tax credits and creative industries (Film/TV/Video Game) tax credits.
  • Ongoing access to your tax credits
    You can view your tax credits and draw down on your advance whenever you need, all with just a couple of clicks.
  • Balance sheet updates
    We’ll update your balance sheets when we advance your credits, so you can plan your budget accurately.
    It’s one less job for you and it means you can plan your budget and spending with confidence and peace of mind.
  • Plus the option to ‘opt-out’…
    You retain total control. If you’d rather we didn’t update your Xero balance sheet then you can select the read-only Adsum connection instead – and you can switch it off at any time.