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Introducing Adsum’s monthly tax credit facility – the best way to cashflow your recurring expenses

Getting a loan is often like pulling teeth but, if successful, it does let you plan and budget confidently when you have recurring expenses. Here at Adsum, our mission is to make finance easier and speedier for growth-hungry businesses, so we’re thrilled to introduce a better alternative to traditional loans — our rolling monthly tax credit facility.

Long story short, we can now offer fast funding and peace of mind by providing a monthly advance of the tax credits you earned in the preceding month.

The facility sets your monthly cash flow in motion, without the accumulating fees and admin that you’d expect from traditional bank loans. Here’s what it’s all about and where Adsum’s new product developments are heading.

Regular finance, minimum faff

We know it’s not easy getting funded as a fast-growing but relatively new business. You need to be rich in both time and collateral to go to the bank and secure a long-term loan. That’s quite challenging, given startups and scale-ups may have neither of those things.

CFOs know this better than anyone and often go down to the wire every month juggling bills and budgets. Who has time for hours of admin and negotiations that could easily end in rejection?

Enter Adsum. Once upon a time, we simply solved these problems by providing rapid lump-sum advances on VAT and R&D tax credits — until we realised you needed more flexibility and reliable cashflow, in the form of regular monthly funding.

Introducing monthly advances

Our rolling tax credit advances are an alternative option for receiving your tax credits funding from Adsum. They’re perfect for companies regularly in a VAT refund position and making qualifying R&D expenditure, rather than setting up a new facility every time you need cashflow. You can get advances as and when you need and have real-time information on how much funding is available to you.

What are the perks?


  • Receive your advance within 24 hours (like always, with Adsum)
  • Get it within a few clicks (instead of wasting hours on admin)
  • Be financially flexible (more spending = more funding)
  • Pay less in fees (compared to repeated one-off advances)
  • Never think about HMRC again (we’ve got your reclaims covered)


We think it’s a pretty smart solution because it sidesteps the drawbacks of both traditional long-term loans and applying for repeated short-term loans.

The biggest cost associated with short-term business loans are the legal costs and admin involved in setting up the facility,” explains our co-founder and CCO Freddie Digby.

“It’s a low percentage of the loan value each time that you borrow, but over time they become significant in the cost of the overall facility. Our rolling monthly advance cuts through all of this. The facility is in place when you need it.”


Learn more about how tax-based financing works with Adsum.

Monthly tax credit facility

Click, click, cash…

We make it as easy as possible for companies to get their tax credits advanced monthly from us. Our customers are businesses simply waiting for a refund for HMRC and the monthly advance is a quick and easy way to unlock that capital. It’s that straightforward, which is why our application process is too.

You simply sync your accounts, tell us about your upcoming business plans, and click to sign the T&Cs.

What we provide is a business service – it’s a liquidity solution,” says Freddie. Adsum’s proprietary technology solves your cash flow problem in a matter of minutes.

We never ask our customers questions when we can get the answers from publicly available sources of information,” explains Freddie. “We think a lot about the customer journey, to take as much of the admin off our customer’s shoulders as possible.”


A funding partner that flexes to fit you

This is a product announcement, but more than that, it’s a concrete case study of our commitment to growing around our customers.

“For any organisation — be it fintech or furniture — the scope and extent of your potential is limited only by the vision and ambition of the team,” says Freddie.

Wind back the clock. Adsum started out by providing a finance solution for companies that wanted to make big purchases, be it a warehouse to hold stock, or even the stock itself in advance of a peak trading period. We one-upped traditional lenders by making the funding accessible in a few clicks and our simple, seamless model saw our customer base quickly growing. Engaging with our users, we soon found out that we needed to offer a solution for advancing ongoing expenses too.

The genesis for our monthly rolling advance was just that. Adsum users told us that they’d like to see it on the menu and we delivered.

“Imagine walking into Natwest and telling them that their business loans don’t work for you,” laughs Freddie. “With Adsum, on the other hand, we have an open relationship with our customers. They can tell us if something doesn’t work for them or if they need a different setup and we listen.”

“We will follow our customers, both in terms of their needs, across different channels and soon internationally too,” says Freddie. “I like to think that’s positively reflected by the fact that so much of our new business comes via referrals.”


Liquidity problems? We’ve got solid solutions.

Adsum provides rapid advances on your tax credits, including:

  • VAT advances
  • R&D tax credits
  • Film/TV/Video game tax reliefs


Get started today to find out for free how much your claim could be worth — and if you like what you see then you can get your advance within 24 hours of applying, with no upfront fees or maximum claim amount.




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