Case Study: Enhancing Business Growth with Adsum’s Instant VAT Refunds - Saunton Vineyard

Saunton Vineyard

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Saunton Vineyard is a unique and emerging boutique vineyard in North Devon, also offering top-notch events. They're not just about wine; they're about creating unforgettable experiences.

Adsum: Tailoring solutions to businesses of all sizes and sectors

Saunton Vineyard was in search of a service that would streamline their financial operations. They found their solution in Adsum’s Instant VAT Refunds. Signing up meant more than mere convenience; it meant freeing their time and resources to concentrate on core business operations.

Adsum’s Instant VAT Refunds empowered Saunton Vineyard to redirect their focus and resources towards enhancing their services and growing their business. This was made possible by the prompt and efficient VAT refund process, which eliminated the typical waiting period for HMRC payments.

The procedure is simple and seamless. After setting up an Adsum account and granting access to their business Government Gateway account, businesses can immediately start taking advantage of Instant VAT Refunds. The VAT refund is processed and transferred to the designated bank account within just 60 minutes of submission.

Partnering with Adsum has led to a transformative impact on Saunton Vineyard. Our Instant VAT Refunds service not only provides them with a robust financial solution but also frees them to focus on various aspects of their business such as service enhancement, diversification, and growth.

The expediency and ease of the service has revolutionised their operations, setting a stable foundation for a prosperous future.

"Instant VAT Refunds is a game-changer. For a 3% commission, it makes a lot of sense just to have certainty of cash flow. It’s very simple, very quick to set up, and hardly any paperwork. And you get access to your VAT refund straight away. There must be thousands of startups that need this product."
Matthew Fleetham, Owner, Saunton Vineyard

Why Adsum?

At Adsum, we make finance frictionless for our users.

There’s no need to change your current processes or jump through approval hoops. After a simple 3-step sign-up, our revolutionary technology completes our pre-funding checks and we are ready to advance you the funds you have earned. We combine a tax specialist service and funding, all within a process that’s faster and cheaper than any other advisor or bank.

We have a proud history of saving users up to 40 hours a week that your team would otherwise have spent on dealing with and navigating HMRC. At Adsum, we prioritise providing our users with certainty over cash flow and freeing up their time to focus on their growth and customers.