VAT and R&D advances for the Automotive industry

Access more capital, accelerate your timelines

Our advances move as quickly as you do

The automotive industry has time to wait for nobody – least of all the trundling machine of HMRC, which eats up your time and gives super-slow-motion responses.

Thankfully, Adsum advances are designed to work with movers and shakers like you. We take care of the entire HMRC claim process, including tax credit calculations, forms, reviews, filings, communication as well as advancing what you are owed within 24 hours.

VAT Advances

Has your business been charged VAT on purchases? Find out how much you can reclaim from HMRC and access the capital immediately with Adsum!

Our technology calculates the maximum amount you can claim and unlocks the capital for you immediately. Fast and frictionless. No laborious reclaim process.
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R&D Tax Credits

Don’t delay your innovation: Identify and access the R&D credits owed to your business so that you can invest in your business immediately.

Our technology identifies the funding owed to your business and accesses it for you immediately, either in a single payment or on an ongoing recurring basis. We handle the entire HMRC process from calculation to recovery, leaving you free to focus on your business.
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Success Stories

“ONTO’s growth has benefited enormously from our ability to access our VAT refunds and tax credits the moment they become due. The ability to access these funds has allowed us to accelerate our growth and reinvest in the business. Adsum has been a reliable and supportive partner for us every step of the way.” Peter Phillips, CFO at ONTO

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