Tax Software That Makes Tax Easy (Finally)

We’ll file your VAT return and advance your refund on the same day.
Our Making Tax Digital (MTD) compliant software really makes VAT returns that simple.

Enhance your business’s cashflow and leave all the admin to us. We’ll work alongside your accountant to maximise your refund, submit it to HMRC and advance your refund.

All of our customers get on-demand access to our team of VAT experts, including former HMRC officers. You’ll also get an online portal with real-time visibility of your VAT refund/ liability position, as you spend the money that you can claim.

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“Adsum identified our VAT requirement by simply syncing into our accounting and banking systems. This freed up to £1.25 million of cash flow which we were able to reinvest towards developing our subscription app service.”


Let us do all the hard work. We’ll calculate and submit your claim, and advance you your refund so you have cashflow certainty and peace of mind.

Gone are the days of printing out 20 pages of legal text just to sign the last one, scan them all, and email back. Our platform can make a completely transparent process available to all of the following parties: the business, broker, accountant, and solicitor. All parties can track the progress of VAT refunds, whether they’re large VAT refunds for commercial property purchases or regular VAT expenses.

We can help you with existing VAT refunds and ones that are on the horizon. We remove the need for businesses to pay large amounts of VAT upfront, trusting our technology to advance their funds smoothly and quickly – within 24 hours.


Finding VAT tricky?
You need: Our VAT services

We can prepare and submit your VAT return and recover your VAT refund from HMRC. We’ll also take care of all VAT-related dealings with HMRC.

We can also set you up with VAT registration, a Government Gateway account, and a UK business bank account for receiving your tax refunds.
Making a large purchase?
You need: Our VAT services + one-off VAT advance

We offer one-off VAT advance funding. This is ideal for large stock and property purchases, minimising the VAT impact on your cashflow.

We take care of everything with HMRC so you get total peace of mind.
Regularly or occasionally in a VAT refund position?
You need: Our VAT services + instant VAT refunds

We can calculate, prepare, submit and advance your VAT refunds on a rolling month-by-month basis so you never have a gap in your cashflow, freeing up your cash for other purposes.

We refund your VAT instantly when your VAT return is submitted, so you don’t need to wait for HMRC to pay you.


Our world-class tech and expert team -- including former HMRC agents -- will take care of your VAT refunds and tax credits, from start to finish.

100% success rate with HMRC

£150 million + tax credit and refund claims

FCA registered & HMRC authorised tax agent

Xero app partner


When is Making Tax Digital going to happen?
This is the current timeline of events for Making Tax Digital:

April 2019: MTD is introduced for all VAT-registered businesses with a taxable turnover of £85,000+.

April 2022: MTD is introduced for all VAT-registered businesses.

April 2026: MTD is introduced for all self-employed individuals with a taxable turnover of £50,000+.

April 2027: MTD is introduced for all self-employed individuals with a taxable turnover of £30,000+.
What do I need to do for Making Tax Digital?
A business, or an agent operating on behalf of a business, will need to:

1. Choose MTD-compliant software:
It’s best to choose an option that allows you to keep digital records and submit VAT Returns. The other option is to use software to bridge non-compatible data (like spreadsheets) to HMRC.

2. Keep digital records:
Businesses need to have started making digital records from 1st April 2022 or the beginning of their VAT period.

3. Submit VAT Returns through MTD:
Businesses need to have signed up for MTD and start submitting their VAT Return through Making Tax Digital.
Can you use a spreadsheet for Making Tax Digital?
If you want to use spreadsheets for Making Tax Digital, you’ll need to use MTD-compliant bridging software.

We don’t recommend this option as it limits the benefits of MTD which are significant for businesses: saving time and eliminating errors.